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Dining Services

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Our Innovative Dining Program

Nutritional and Fun.

Maintaining nutritional health at later stages of life is complex as appetites decline and infirmities in eating mechanics increase thus draining vital nutrients and energy levels. Wellness-4 Later Life advances a wellness approach to senior living dining which informs our culinary teams on how to serve meals that enhances residents’ health and well-being without compromising on taste.

Our culinary teams are highly skilled at planning and serving delicious meals that optimizes the social and health aspects of wellness. We stay abreast of the latest research concerning nutrition at later stages of life and we educate our culinary teams to prepare meals that provide the kinds of nutrients studies show older adults need to maintain their vitality.

Our mission is to create a superior dining experience for each resident by staging a highly social atmosphere in our elegant dining rooms while designing meals with an appropriate balance of nutrition and taste.

Made from scratch

Enjoy the comfort foods you love to eat.

Our chefs create almost all meals from scratch, sources fresh foods locally, and plates meals that residents grew up loving. We only hire “foodies”, that is a chef, a cook or a server who loves food and all the great things food can do to boost health and spirits. All members of our culinary teams are trained in hospitality best-practices as is seen at a fine restaurant and despite our high fidelity to nutrition, we recognize that food is great for the soul and that eating for pleasure enhances socialization and subjective well-being. Our chefs will plate a Mac-n-Cheese or a blueberry cobbler in moderation but residents will also receive a variety of comfort foods that are designed to pack high-density nutrients such as chopped corn or Brussel sprouts mixed into mashed potatoes, Sheppard’s pie, homemade soups or braised beef softened through a proprietary technique to ease the chewing and swallowing process.

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We modify and customize our menus to best suit the unique needs of our residents.

Although dining is a popular activity for senior living residents, the reality is that many very old adults fail to absorb enough protein or vital micronutrients like vitamin D, calcium, and magnesium. Too often, carbohydrates like cereal or pasta are a main source of energy. To remedy dietary deficiencies, Wellness-4 Later Life through our culinary teams adheres to the basic structure of the nutritional guidelines for older adults promulgated by scientists at Tufts University titled MyPlate for Older Adults as a best-practice in senior dining except we modify menus to best suit the unique needs of our residents, some of whom may have difficulty using utensils, are on restricted diets, are at risk of choking or have reduced taste.

MyPlate (USDA)USDA MyPlate green depicts approximately 50% fruits and vegetables, 25% grains, and 25% protein-rich foods, such as nuts, beans, lean meats and fish. Our culinary teams fully adopt the MyPlate recommendation that seniors in later life increase consumption of nutrient-dense foods in variety, and lower consumption of foods high in added sugars and unsaturated fats.

At Everbrook Senior Living, we work hard behind the scenes to ensure that all residents can use food as a means to evoke pleasure, improve energy levels and enhance overall quality of life.

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