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Tuesday, 07 May 2024 17:26

Unique Mother’s Day Activities for Moms Residing in an Assisted Living Facility

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When Mom resides in an assisted living facility, Mother’s Day might look different than celebrations in years past. However, you can bring a unique Mother’s Day activity to her at her residence. Take a look at our list of festive ideas to inspire how you share this special day with your mom.

Planning a Special Mother’s Day in Assisted Living

Before you make plans, be sure to check with the staff regarding updated policies and procedures at the assisted living community. This is especially important if your mom happens to be taking medications or has had a recent change in their health status that could affect her mobility, energy level, or social skills.

If your original plan requires accommodations, ask the staff to assist you in accordance with your mom’s needs and the facility policies.

A Day of Reminiscing. If Mom lives close enough to her original hometown and you can have her out and about for the day, then plan to take her down memory lane! Begin with brunch at her favorite restaurant and car ride or stroll around the old neighborhood. Bring her by schools, homes of friends, parks, and other places she frequented during her life and in raising her family. If some of those places no longer exist, you can show her how the neighborhood has changed. Alternatively, you can bring out old photo albums and gather the kids and grandkids to hear Mom share stories of her youth. Wrap of the day with a home-cooked meal or a meal all together back at the assisted living facility. 

Spend Time on Her Favorite Hobby. Maybe your mom has had a lifelong love of gardening, or art, or reading books. Pick-up some terra cotta pots, assorted bulbs and live plants and plan a day of potting plants that will bloom in the weeks to come. This will provide healthy décor for her living space and serve as a beautiful reminder of your time together. Similarly, you could bring a paint and pottery project to her and makes something together, visit local art museums, or take her to a thrift bookstore to stock-up on new reads. Conclude the day with dinner out or at her residence.

Create a Family Recipe Book. Spend the day cooking favorite meals from your childhood—and hers! Prepare a breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. In between the cooking and eating, gather together all the recipes that mom has kept over the years—including all those “secret ingredient” ones she tries to keep from everyone. Work together to create a paper or digitized family recipe book. 

For any of these activities, you can have the grandkids and any of your siblings stop by throughout the day, or the weekend, to participate. 

Tips for Making Mother’s Day Meaningful for YOUR Mom

If these ideas aren’t on par with what will work for your mom, the following tips may help you come up with meaningful ideas that are just right for your mom:

What are some of your mom’s favorite things from over the years: music, books, hobbies, places? Brainstorm ways to bring those things into her assisted living residence. For example, she may not be able to visit Hawaii again, but you can put together a slideshow of her trip there and watch Hawaiian themed movies, together. 

Does she still have close friends from her neighborhood? If so, consider bringing some of these folks to her on your next visit, or arrange a group video call.

Does she have a bucket list item? Consider some of the things your mom has always wanted to do or see—and try to find a way to bring that wish to life for her.

There are many ways to make Mother’s Day special for a mom residing in assisted care. A little creativity and a lot of love and thoughtfulness will help you plan a wonderful celebration with, and for your mom.

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Karen M. Rider

Karen M. Rider, M.A. crafts credible and compelling health content to better engage readers in their own health journey. With 16 years of health writing experience, Karen has worked with a variety of healthcare organizations, senior living services, and medical practitioners to develop content that elevates consumer health literacy.

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